Monday, December 30, 2013

The Christmas House

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This time of year is wonderful and busy and nostalgic. I wrote an article about my Grandpa's first house in America on Family Storytelling. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Treasure box Thursday- Christmas book

Seven years ago my husband's grandparents passed away only four months apart. Before they did the estate sale they let everyone come over and go through all the stuff. This little gem was sitting on a table with older books, and puzzles. When I saw it I knew that I wanted it.  

It belonged to his Grandma, Alene Anderson Oldroyd. I wish I knew what year she got it and what it meant to her. I could tell that she had it before she was married since her name says Alene Anderson. I wish I knew if she wrote both or if the top was written by her mother. Genealogy is so mysterious.  
 I loved Grandma Oldroyd so much. I had the pleasure of living near her for the first six months of my marriage. On top of that my husband would mow their lawn and I would get an hour of alone time to visit Grandma. I miss them so much and although my daughter was four months old and eight months old when we lost them. I wish my kids got to know them here on this earth.

I tried to find some information on the author and could find much. I know that Beatrix Potter wrote most of the Peter Rabbit books. I wish I could find out more. This book will forever be a treasure that I hold dear to me.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Tombstone- Allen Joseph Stout

About a month ago I was on a trip in Southern Utah, which I visit a lot, but I realized that it was close to my 4th Great Grandfather's grave in Rockville, Utah. We decided to go visit the grave in Rockville. It was nice to see it and see where such a great man is buried.
The Cemetery was not what I expected. It's not kept up the best and we were surprised to see some graves that had been dug up above ground. Most of them did not have place markers at all. We think that they were dug up to show where they think people are already buried. It was sad for me to see some forgotten people. I hope to try to visit a lot more of my ancestors graves. To remember them and pay them respects. I think we all owe a lot to those who came before us. They made sacrifices and created a life that we can now live.
We found this teddy bear that was alone on the dirt. I'm not sure who it belonged to or was meant for. My oldest daughter was sad seeing it alone. But we left it there. It was a good experience and I am glad I finally went to see the cemetery.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Stories- Family Storytelling

It's been a busy few weeks, but I think I am back to normal now. Today I would like to share a web site that I started writing for. Family Storytelling. I have my first article up now called The Story and I am really proud of it. I shared something from my Great Grandmother Viola Stout again. I feel that I got my love for writing from her. I am thankful for my experiences and the ability to do what I love.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Military Monday- Gerald LeNore Budd

 Gerald LeNore Budd 1919-2013

For this Veterans Day I want to recognize my Grandfather. He served in WWII for 4 long years with no furloughs. He also fought on several Pacific Islands including Iwo Jima.

Jerry left his sweetheart who he was engaged to (my grandma) Merle.
She patiently waited for him at home. Letters were what kept the love alive.
Grandpa served honorably, worked hard and made some great friends.
There was some time for some fun in Hawaii.
Grandpa came home after fighting on Iwo Jima for several months. He arrived home on October 31, 1945 and he was married 7 days later on November 7, 1945. He sure makes me proud.

I was asked to write his obituary and it was an honor. My heart is full today as we get to have his funeral on Veterans Day. I love you Grandpa. Thanks for serving and always making your family proud.
You can read the OBITUARY HERE. Also I wrote yesterday on Mormon Mommy Writers Blog about their story.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Anniversary Jerry and Merle Budd

My grandparents had an amazing journey to get to their wedding day! 68 years ago today they were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Just over a year ago my Grandma Merle Viola Stout Budd, was called back home to be with family and friends in heaven. 2 days ago, my Grandpa Jerry LeNore Budd joined her.
We all thought that he would go on their anniversary, but I guess he wanted to surprise her early for their special day.
I have been working on their story for a long time. It is coming along and I would say 3/4 of the way done. Grandma and Grandpa's story is beautiful, and I have had a few friends read up to the point I have written and they love it. I hope that their love story can have a wonderful impact on many more lives, just as it did mine.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday- Viola Stout

Mary Viola Allred Stout is my Great Grandma. I was fortunate enough to know her until she passed away when I was 18 years old. I didn't know her well, but I saw her a few times a year and she was amazing. My memories of her include her jumping into saw dust at family reunions participating in games with the kids. She was always joking. She was just a cute, funny, adorable grandma.

She wrote a journal of her life and had it printed. We all received our own copy and she wrote a little message in it to me. At the top of the page she wrote "To Danielle, Number 53 great grandchild. Love, Great Gma Stout." She continued, "Grow in love and unity toward a perfect family. You have a good start."

I never paid much attention to what she wrote. I was pretty young when she wrote this and so I didn't really have a family started, I don't think I was even old enough to date at the time. But as I have read that again, I realized that she wrote that for me today, not at that time. I have used her journal so much in writing my grandparents story and in my other genealogy endeavors.

I have read her journal several times and I turn to it often for inspiration. I never knew that she wanted to be a writer. A few weeks ago I was looking up something in her journal and came across this paragraph that she wrote.

“Miss Leahman, my English teacher, used to enjoy my compositions. One thing, I always had interesting things to write about. My subjects, unless assigned, were experiences of Mexico or daily happenings I seemed to find humorous. I especially have appreciated this memory even though nothing developed from it, one day Miss Leahman asked me to spend our lunch hour together and this was her proposition: She informed me that she felt that I had writing ability beyond my years, added to this, my life had been full of rich experiences that few children enjoy. She figured I could write, with some help and training, for a children’s magazine. Her proposition was for me to remain after school each day. She would help me in the things I lacked, plus would endeavor to sell my stories for me to some children’s magazine!! That is all I remember about it and needless to say I went home that night on a cloud! My dreams were short-lived, however. Mother refused to allow me stay after school as I would have to walk down Twelfth Street alone (about one and one-half mile) and of course she envisioned all the tragic consequences that could befail me. It was a sad little girl that told Miss Leahman the next day I could not accept her WONDERFUL offer. It may be this was the better thing, I may not have accomplished anything and became disillusioned. As it is, all these years I have dreamed that someday (always in the future) I would write, so my dreams have stayed alive. Yet, I have failed because I have not studied nor prepared myself as she told me I must do . . . I have only waited.” (Viola Stout)

She may not have accomplished her writing dreams as expected, but through me her voice is being heard. She is amazing and has so much wisdom to share. I will share her words often. I love you Grandma Stout.